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Re: Bug#528021: maintainer scripts put files in /usr/local/ (policy 9.1.2)

Hi Frank,

you know what I put today into my TODO before leaving for a nice evening
with friends:
	DEBIAN tex-common: Das problem ist das der post install trigger action
	von tex-common mktexlsr ohne speziellen Pfad aufruft!!!
I have seen that when tipa was upgraded ... yes that should be fixed.

On So, 07 Jun 2009, Frank Küster wrote:
> reopen 528021
> found 528021 1.11.3
> found 528021 1.18
> thanks

I guess what we have here are *two* bugs so we should duplicate them:
1) dh_installtex generated code
2) missing try of removing /u/l/s/texmf
3) trigger action
(that are three, I know, but it is late and I had loads of good wine!)

1) fixed since ages
2) fixed in tex-common trunk, but nobody commented on my patch for now
3) needs fixing, I have to find a good way to do that ... 

Best wishes


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