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TL2009 start

Hi everyone,

I have started with 2009, in svn texlive2009/trunk

The idea is that we build 4 source packages the old way
in which NO binaries, not even binary scripts, are.

Those build the usual binary packages, but they will depend on 
built from the source pakcage texlive-bin.

For texlive-bin we can make a normal package, without any additional
magic, by just using texlive2009/texlive-bin and put anything necessary
for building there.

What should be done for this texlive-bin package, and if someone can
work on that it would be great:
- work on the stuff in texlive-bin to make it an independent debian
  packages, that means moving over stufff from all/debian/* there
- create somehow an .orig.tar.gz, shold be easy by copying Build/source
  from texlive svn and removing all .svn directories
- use svn texlive2009/trunk/list-of-binaries to create binary packages
  This file contains the list of binaries in texlive in the form:
	binary TAB texlive-package TAB texlive-collection \
		TAB debian-name-of-texlive-colelction \
		TAB debian-src-package-of-that-package
  So for example one has to simply create a binary package
  which ships all the binaries where the last entry has "texlvie-base"
  (at least that is my idea, if you have a better one let me know)
- check for man pages and post install, probably most stuff should be

I will work in the meantime to build packages. I have already succeeded
in building texlive-base source and binary packages, so anyone else can
do the same, if you have a texlive svn checkout:
	perl tpm2deb-source.pl --master /path/to/telxive/svn/Master \
	   make-orig-tar texlive-base texlive-lang texlive-doc texlive-extra
	perl tpm2deb-source.pl --master /ath/to/telxive/svn/Master \
	   make-deb-source texlive-base texlive-lang texlive-doc texlive-extra
and then give it some twist.

What is needed here is:
- add depends on the respective texlive-bin-XXXX package
- good testing

I have no idea if it will work with Frank's changes to tex-common, I
tested it with the version before you reverted some things. As said, I
am still for adding Breaks and not supporting the old language.d. But
that would mean re-reverting the changes you made.

So, I hope that someone can work on that, I will now leave 2008-land and
do not care for it anymore. I don't have anyway a possibility to work
with it since the svn of texlive has been switched to 2009.

Best wishes


Dr. Norbert Preining <preining@logic.at>        Vienna University of Technology
Debian Developer <preining@debian.org>                         Debian TeX Group
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