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Re: Bug#528905: please add info-dir-section to your info files

On Sat, 16 May 2009, Simon Josefsson wrote:
> > 	usr/share/info/libidn-components.png

> The file above is an image, thus adding that information will be
> difficult.  However I don't think that is needed.

Uuups, sorry, that was an oversight on my side, closing this bug

> I asked Karl about where to place images for Info files, and his
> recommendation was (if I recall correctly) to name them as
> INFOFILE-IMAGENAME.png, replacing INFILEFILE with 'libidn' in this case.
> Since Info supports images in documentation, it seems like you want to
> discuss this aspect?
> I suspect you can simply add a regexp to only run install-info on files
> matching *.info.gz, or something like that.

Unfortunately not, because there are info files without the .info extension.
but I will ignore .png, too.

Best wishes


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