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Bug#506689: texlive-lang-cyrillic: gost71u BibTeX style is not fully compatible with UTF-8

On 23.11.08 Andrey (cmr.Pent@gmail.com) wrote:

Hi all,


> Package: texlive-lang-cyrillic
> Version: 2007.dfsg.3-3
> Severity: normal
> The package provides BibTeX files gost71s.bst, gost71u.bst,
> gost780s.bst, gost780u.bst. They implement GOST (Russian state
> standard) for bibliographic data. The use of GOST is required by
> Russian academical publishers.
> Unfortunately, these style files do not fully support UTF-8
> encoding. The problem with gost71u.bst file is solved by the following
> patch (suggested at
> http://mydebianblog.blogspot.com/2008/06/bibtex.html):
I've forwarded the bug ot the author of gost anf got the following
input. Please comment if possible.

As far as I know, BibTeX8 does not support UTF-8. (Please correct me
if i am wrong).
The patch allows to create bibliography in UTF-8 by not abbreviating
first and middle name (which allows to get desirable result from
UTF-8 encoded .bib files when initials are abbreviated in a
database). However, bibliography in UTF-8 cannot be sorted (no csf
file for UTF-8 since BibTeX8 does not support it). And, patch breakes
intended behaviour of the package with other encodings.
So, patch provides only partial workaround and problem cannot be
solved without proper UTF-8 support in BibTeX8.

sigmentation fault

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