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Bug#508528: texlive-base-bin: dvips without -j0 causes missing characters in output

On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 16:08 -0500, Mark T.B. Carroll wrote:

> You are correct. I did this a long time ago and completely forgot;
> apologies for forgetting a way in which I had poked things away from
> defaults.

No problem.
> I have a habit of having to submit documents to people who require me to
> embed all fonts: for instance, papers for IEEE, and reports to the
> National Science Foundation. How sensible that requirement of theirs is,
> I'm not sure.
> How /necessary/ it is I don't know; perhaps I can get away with just
> sending them PDF and using ps2pdf -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress or something.

I would be surprised if PDF where not good enough. If they really
request PS, you can always resort to pdftops to go back to ps with all
fonts included.

> (I don't want to assume too much of Adobe Reader since reading of later
> versions not coming bundled with base fonts.)

Because of this it is meanwhile quite standard for PDF files to
include all fonts. One of the reasons why nowadays a PDF based
workflow causes less problems.

> Still, I couldn't help but
> notice that dvips' notion of `needed characters' seemed to be coming up
> a bit short.

The problem is simply that dvips cannot interpret the included PS
image, since it does not contain a PS parser. I would therefore
suggest to either close this bug or retitleit to "dvips should parse
included PS images to determin used fonts", lowering it to 'whishlist'
and tagging it as 'wontfix'. What do you think?


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