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Bug#487630: fmtutil-sys failed

On 17.08.08 Frank Küster (frank@debian.org) wrote:

Hi sub,

> Since the submitter has meanwhile installed texlive-omega, I find
> it hard to think of a way to find the cause of the bug.
> O, wait:
> sub, can you please try the following:
> dpkg --remove texlive-omega
> dpkg-reconfigure texlive-base
> If that fails again, send the file from /tmp, plus the output of
> ls /var/lib/tex-common/fmtutil-cnf/
> grep omega /var/lib/tex-common/fmtutil-cnf/*
Did you have a chance to look at that? Else, we have to close that
bug as "not reproducible".

sigmentation fault

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