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Re: texlive packages include plenty of standard licence text

Hi Martin,

yes this is well known. Take a look at the copyright file, we try to list 
the licenses of all packages, but that is far from being complete, This is 
the reason why many times a new upload is done only for removal of a single 
non free package.

If you want to contribute please do one of the following things:
- help check licenses - the tex catalogue already has tags for verification
- contribute some automatic way to check that the license file included can 
be removed. that I consider possible as soon as we have a verified check of 
the package

I consider this minor, even if you think that it is a policy thing. But 
being policy crazy we would have to remove texlive as a whole anyway.

I even consider it useful since TeX Live is aggregated work, and this way 
one can check the license of a single constituent, something we never 
managed to erify for all constituents, see above.

Best wishes


PS one could consider even removal of texlive, since currently license 
fanatics are taking more and more room in Debian. They are making us more 
holy than the  pope considering that Karl Berry is not considering that a 
problem and simply remove things when it turns out that they are non free. 
Enough ranting, removal would be anyway impossible, although it would make 
much easier for me.
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