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Bug#500607: Debian APT Packages/Sources file(s) contains illegal byte sequences in this package's segment

On 13.10.08 Frank Küster (frank@debian.org) wrote:
> Hilmar Preusse <hille42@web.de> wrote:


> > I probably forgot, what to do with tetex-src. Do we need still
> > this package or should be simply remove it? IIRC the only reason
> > to have was that the source code of some programs must be
> > delivered.
> Last time I checked, the reason for keeping it was only the
> latex-source2e-doc binary package built from it.  
> But in fact I don't think this is worth keeping this source package
> around, even if TeXLive still does not contain source2e.pdf built
> with hyperref.
source2e is provided by texlive-latex-base-doc. Actually both
versions of source2e (tetex-src an texlive-latex-base-doc) have
clickable links. The Readme of tetex-src reads:

The LaTeX2e documentation with hyperref extensions has been produced
using hypdoc.sty by Heiko Oberdiek.  This style is not yet officially
released and completely unsupported, and only included in the source
package of tetex-src.

-- Frank Küster <frank@debian.org>, Mon Jan 16 15:44:25 2006

The file hypdoc.sty is in texlive-latex-recommended, hence I guess it
was used to generate source2e.pdf.

I'll request to have tetex-src removed, right?

sigmentation fault

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