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Bug#500607: Debian APT Packages/Sources file(s) contains illegal byte sequences in this package's segment

Package: tetex-src
Severity: normal

*** Please type your report below this line ***

(This package cause problems with:

Please check character encoding used in the Debian control files
of this package. As by now, in etch Packages/Sources file,
the segment of this package contains illegal for UTF-8 byte
Likely, your files are in Latin-1 or same, instead of UTF-8,
and contain separate non-ASCII symbols. As a result,
the Packages/Sources file(s) is a bit corrupted, in Synaptic
info from incorrect fields is N/A.

Possibly this command will report error for you (substitute
right values):

sed -n '/^Package: THISPACKAGENAME$/,/^$/ p' \
RIES-OR-SOURCES | iconv -t UTF32 > /dev/null

Usually, illegal secuences are located in 'Maintainers',
'Uploaders' or 'Description' fields.

The beginning of this bug-hunt is there:

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