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Re: Bug: kvoptions.sty nach texlive-latex-base

Simon Siemens <Simon.Siemens@arcor.de> wrote:

> The LaTeX package hyperref, which is part of texlive-latex-base,
> depends on the LaTeX package kvoptions.sty, which unfortunately is not
> part of texlive-latex-base.
> Therefore: Please move kvoptions.sty from texlive-latex-recommended to
> texlive-latex-base to make hyperref work.

Thanks for noticing this. There might be many more issues like this in
TeXLive, it's valuable when people tell us about them.

Would you be so kind and file a bug report about it, so that we won't

Thanks in advance,
Frank Küster
Debian Developer (TeXLive)
ADFC Miltenberg
B90/Grüne KV Miltenberg

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