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Re: XeLaTeX and CID

> >> One thing I worry is ghostscript for CJK.  Does it require
> >> presense of CID font support data which is non-free?

What are the `non-free CID font support data'?  Adobe's CMap files?

> > No, I don't think so.  xCJK can embed the Type1 subfonts in the
> > PDF or PS files, and haven't noticed any CID requirement.
> I stand corrected: pdfinfo apparently does show the use of CID in
> the embedded fonts, Type1C to be correct.

In this particular case, the used CMap is trivial (the identity
mapping); no external CMap file is necessary to create such a PDF.

> I have no idea how to switch off CID support in XeLaTeX/xCJK (or is
> it xdvipdfmx?).

It's xdvipdfmx which automatically generates CID-keyed subfonts.

> Is "pdfinfo" correct about the inclusion of CID-dependent fonts?

Uuh, don't say `CID-dependent'.  This term doesn't exist.

> Does it even constitute problems WRT the DFSG?  Even if I use DFSG-free
> fonts, would the upcoming package "latex-cjk-xcjk" still have to resort under
> "contrib" or even "non-free" because the example file I intend to provide,
> has Type1C fonts in it?

Some terminology: Type1C is a Type 1 font in CFF format (this is much
more compact than the PFA or PFB representation).  CID-keyed fonts
depend on external CID CMaps for creation or reading of PDFs.
However, the PDF files themselves *don't* contain CMap files at all,
thus such PDF files can't cause problems with the DFSG.


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