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Bug#316360: babel/4018: Please consider to update magyar language def.

Szabó Péter wrote:

If all thats' provided is a .ldf file, then documentation is what's

So far I have maintained the standard that all files that are distributed as part of the Babel distribution have at least minimal internal documentation of the code in the form of a .dtx file from which the .ldf file is produced. For that reason I provide a skeleton file in the distribution that people can use as a start for building a new language definition file. Therefore I would prefer to have a magyar.dtx to replace the one in the current distribution.

That's true. The only documentation is the user manual in Hungarian
language: http://www.math.bme.hu/latex/magyarldf-doc.pdf

Does the new file have incompatibilities with the old one?

No. Here is an excerpt from the new one:

% magyar.ldf 1.5 is based on magyar.ldf 1.4. However, it has been totally
% rewritten and extended (just compare the file sizes), and it doesn't share % code from the earlier versions anymore. However, its default configuration
% tries to be compatible with older versions.

I didn't get any bug reports about compatibility problems so far. (I've got
about 20 reports about other issues. All of them are resolved now.)

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