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Re: TL 2008, Debian perl scripts and creation of debian/copyright

Hi Frank,

On Fr, 18 Apr 2008, Frank Küster wrote:
> I would like to put some effort in further cleaning up the copyright
> status of TeXLive before the release, and I was wondering whether one of

If you think that is useful, please do so. 

> the (more fun parts) of doing that should be to convert our generated
> copyright file to the machine-readable format on which the project seems
> to have agreed upon.

That is *NO* obligation, I consider it of really *minor* use to invest
time into making something machine readable, since machines cannot
assess a copyright anyway, so someone has to read it at the end.

Really, I consider it useless spent time if you would do that. But if
you think so, please do.

> Will the different upstream organisation of TeXLive 2008 (e.g. because
> tpm files are gone) mean that we have to rewrite our packaging from
> scratch? Or will there still be tpm files for convenience?

There will be no tpm files, but allthe license stuff is currently taken
from the tpmliclines files, and I can always recreate this file also
from the new infrastructure. And the rest has to be rewritten anyway,
makes me already a bit nervous ...

Best wishes


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