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Bug#473791: Missing dependencies

Le Tue, 1 Apr 2008 22:10:06 +0200, Norbert Preining
<preining@logic.at> a écrit :
> On Di, 01 Apr 2008, Frédéric Perrin wrote:
> > pdftricks, which is part of this package, needs ps2eps(1) (from
> > the package which has the same name) and epstopdf(1) (from the
> > package
> I suppose that this depends on the the use of pdftricks. Or does it
> happen in *any* case??? Can you provide a minimal example?

Since the compilation fails because pdflatex can't find the tools it
needs in order to convert between the different formats, I would say
it is going to happen in all cases. Oh, and by the way, the example
file in /u/s/d/texlive-pstricks-doc/latex/pdftricks/test.tex.gz can't
compile (I can't find, nor 'apt-file search' can, the pst2pdf script).

Actually, I ran into this while trying to draw Markov chain. Here is
a simple example :



Une chaine de Markov toute simple :




When trying to compile it with neither ps2eps nor
texlive-extra-utils, compilation fails with :

sh: ps2eps: command not found
rm: ne peut enlever `a-fig1.eps': Aucun fichier ou répertoire de ce

(rm : cannot remove `a-fig1.eps': no such file or directory).

The same error happens with the test.tex.gz included as an example by
the package.

I can provide the full logs, if you need them.

Note that the Markov chain is correctly built (and is staying in
a-fig1.ps), but hasn't been converted to a suitable format and
hasn't been included in the final PDF document.

After installing ps2eps (and, just in case, moving a.tex to another,
clean directory), compilation fails with :

Creating output file a-fig1.eps...ready.
sh: epstopdf: command not found

After installing texlive-extra-utils, the document is built as

> > I suggest adding those two packages, at least as soft (Suggests or
> > Recommends) dependencies.
> That could be an option (suggest)
> Best wishes
> Norbert

OK. I actually thought of a Recommends, but Suggests is fine. Maybe
also a comment in the description ?


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