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Bug#466697: removal of eqlist from TeX Live

Dear Norbert,

already by uploading to CTAN and in the public announcements (of CTAN,
e.g. on usenet) it was made clear that the package is under the lppl.
   As for all of my other LaTeX packages on CTAN (varindex, toolbox, 
guitar, ushort, ziffer), there is no detailed license within the file,
since I considered the lppl clear from the context where the packages
were published. The sentence

> 	You may copy this package freely, as long as you distribute only
> 	unmodified and complete versions.

is meant to emphasize that part of the lppl which IMHO is most important
for most users.
  I admit that an explicit reference to the lppl in each file itself
would have been clearer (instead of relying on the text of the public
  But to upload new versions of several years old packages without any
actual change besides eliminating an unclear formulation on a
non-technical issue appears rather strange to me.
  I hope that you agree that we can avoid this unnecessary work for the
CTAN maintainer, myself, and all other people who would install the new
versions (e.g. because they notice a changed filesize/timestamp) and
are then disappointed because they actually have no changed package.

Martin Väth

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