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Bug#447689: tex-common: General update after the debconf review process

On 17.11.07 Norbert Preining (preining@logic.at) wrote:
> On Fr, 16 Nov 2007, Hilmar Preusse wrote:

Hi all,

> > I've submitted everything (your template and the translations) to our
> > repository. You may have a look at http://svn.debian.org/ . Sorry,
> > for not noticing you.
> I checked the files in the patch.tar.gz and found some differences
> in all the files.
Indeed there are.

> The diffs in control and changelog are to be expected and are no
> problem, his version should be ignored.
> But could you check the diffs in the po files please, I don't
> understand really these po stuff...
I had a look at the patch and found some translations, we didn't get
via BTS (AFAICT): ca.po, da.po, sv.po, tr.po, vi.po, pt_BR.po, ro.po,
nl.po. I'll check them in ASAP.

Further there are differences between the po files I got from
Christian and the checked in ones, but only the line breaks differ.
I'll check ASAP which look better and use these. For some files I
used the command "msgfmt --statistics a.po" as suggested by Helge,
maybe that command changed something.

sigmentation fault

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