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Re: Release Goal Proposal: texlive-transition

Hi Frank,

On Thu, Jun 21, 2007 at 07:10:09PM CEST, Frank Küster <frank@debian.org> wrote:

> Dear Release Team, 
> the TeX Task Force proposes the following release goal:
> "No dependencies (Depends/Recommends/Suggests/Build-Depends{-Indep}) on
> tetex-* and texlive-full, only justified dep's on texlive", 
> with the usertag-shortname "texlive-transition"

i would propose goal-textransition here, as AFAIK bts.turmzimmer.net is going
to filter on goal-* for user debian-release@lists.debian.org

> >>>  * The (approximate) number of issues to be fixed needs to be identified
> >>>    (and most of them should be ready to filed as bugs).
> Using grep-dcrtl, I found
> > Packages declaring run-time relationships to 
> > tetex-base:        36
> > tetex-bin:         119
> > tetex-extra:       61
> > tetex-doc:         1
> > texlive:           2
> >
> > Packages declaring build-time relationships to 
> > tetex-base:        9
> > tetex-bin:         191
> > tetex-extra:       134
> (at least one is a false positive, the tetex-bin metapackage correctly
> "Depends: texlive").
> There are already a couple of bugs filed, but we didn't do it
> systematically yet.  That's because we were busy with our own packages,
> but these look stable and working now.

I would like to propose that one of the big goals of our upcoming BSP
marathon beginning in September should be to get the tetex-live
transition done. If noone else from the release team objects i would
propose to allow 0-day NMUs for all packages related to this.

> >>>  * There needs to be a long-term strategy that prevents new occurences of
> >>>    this issue.
> I don't know which kind of strategy we could name here - something like
> introducing a lintian check?  Or just regularly updating the list of
> affected packages, and larting maintainer of newcomers?

I think the later is sufficient, but having a lintian check for this
might be a goody.

> Regards, Frank
> P.S. I've seen important bugs show up on http://bts.turmzimmer.net/,
> that's probably they are related to release goals?  Would be nice if
> that was indicated even in the overview (didn't check in the detailed
> list), something like "new (release goal)".

That is being worked on.

> P.P.S. Martin, I didn't hear from you about the "who's contact for the
> TeX team" question, I guess that's just because you were busy, not
> because my two e-mails got lost?

I will reply to this now in a seperate mail.


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