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Bug#429257: asks for file Arabicore.sty while provide arabicore.sty

On Sunday 17 June 2007 17:57, Frank Küster wrote:
> Mazen NEIFER <mazen.neifer@supaero.org> wrote:
> > Package: texlive-lang-arab
> > Version: 2007.dfsg.1-2
> > Severity: serious
> >
> > --- Please enter the report below this line. ---
> > File /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex/arabi/arabic.ldf is asking
> > for latex package named Arabicore.sty while this one is provided as
> > arabicore.sty. This seems to be caused by the original package
> > sources (which was developed for windows latex). This bug prevents
> > using the texlive-lang-arab to produce documents. Just converting
> > Arabicore.sty occurrences to arabicore.sty (4 occurrences) fixes
> > the problem.
> Are you sure this warrants a severity of "serious"?  One cannot use
> [arabic]{babel}, but one can still use the other parts which the
> package provides:  There are more style files in the arabi
> subdirectory, and there's the arabtex package.
> Anyway, I'll report that upstream and ask how it will be fixed
> (renaming the file or adjusting the filename in arabic.ldf).
> Regards, Frank

Dear Frank,

Thanks for your fast answer.

I'm considering this bug serious because arabi package is one of most 
important features of texlive-lang-arab. Working on large projects 
could be very difficult with arabtex package. This bug could be 
blocking users from using latex writing Arabic articles. However, if 
you think this has a less priority, please feel free to change it.

Best Regards, Mazen

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