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Re: Automated dependencies of packages we do not build

On Mon, 16 Apr 2007, Frank Küster wrote:
> is it possible to get the Dependencies which packages like
> texlive-xmltex would have, weren't they blacklisted?

Best is to take a look at the tpm file and see what collections are
asked for:

collection-htmlxml (I guess you mean texlive-htmlxml?):
      <TPM:Package name="jadetex"/>
      <TPM:Package name="passivetex"/>
      <TPM:Package name="tex4ht"/>
      <TPM:Package name="xmlplay"/>
      <TPM:Package name="xmltex"/>
      <TPM:TLCore name="bin-jadetex"/>
      <TPM:TLCore name="bin-tex4htk"/>
      <TPM:TLCore name="bin-xmltex"/>
      <TPM:TLCore name="collection-basic"/>
      <TPM:TLCore name="collection-fontsrecommended"/>
      <TPM:TLCore name="collection-latex"/>

So we would have a 
	Depends: texlive-base, texlive-fonts-recommended, texlive-latex-base

Best wishes


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