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Re: SVN texlive (new) commit: r2533 - in texlive-new/trunk: . all/debian texlive-bin/debian

On Don, 01 Mär 2007, Frank Küster wrote:
> > My idea was that I wanted to have as few as possible stuff in
> > tpm2deb.cfg
> Hm, that is a goal that I share.  However, there must be some code
> already that creates and installs the configuration files (the ones in
> fmt.d), so I don't see how we couldn't extract the info from there.

Well no and yes.

> I assume this is the "foreach (@Executes)" loop in tpm2deb-bin.pl, and
> it seems to me it does all we need.  Except that my local copy has this
> remark:

Well yes and no. The relevant execute is of the following form
	<TPM:Execute function="BuildFormat" parameter="xetex"/>
meaning that it should take the file
(where "xetex" can change) and that is practically the fmt.d config

The real code WAS in the make_maintainer sub where the relevant lines
where extracted from the format.foobar.cnf file. But this code is gone
with the switch to dh_installtex.

I think we can leave it like it is now, with dh_installtex creating the
links and the blacklist entries, it is not so bad.

> 		# who is supposed to understand the following lines?
> 		my @p = /([^=]+)=([^ ]+)\s+([^=]+)=([^ ]+)\s*([^=]*)=?(.*)/;
> 		$Job{'parameter'} = $Job{'function'} = $Job{'mode'} = '';
> 		$Job{$p[0]}=$p[1];
> 		$Job{$p[2]}=$p[3];
> 		$Job{$p[4]}=$p[5];

well, no so hard or? But it is not code of mine, but taken from the
tpm-factory.pl script or Tpm.pm I assume.

> First of all, will not all these directives be words, i.e. consist of
> letters and numbers?? 

No, could contain dashes, commas, whatever. Not that I believe that it
does currently happen, but dashed can definitely occur.

>                 my @parts = /(\w+)=(\w+)\s+(\w+)=(\w+)\s*(\w*)=?(.*)/;
> This is easier to read IMHO.  Second, is there no order?  If not, some
> comment like

No, order is arbitrary ... it could be
	<TPM:Execute parameter="xetex" function="BuildFormat"/>

> The first, third and (if present) fifth part of the match are either
> parameter, function or mode.  Make sure that for each of these keys,
> $Job{'key'} is empty, and then set it if the key is present in the
> pattern:

Well in principle we could even say that we always have
	function=XXXXX parameter=YYYY [mode=ZZZZ]
but this is against the XML ideas, these entries CAN be in arbitrary
order, and new ones can be added. Even if this is not the case now, we
don't know.

I would say: It works, so let us leave it rest as it is, there are more
urgent problems then rewriting this part. Everything works now (I assume
at least) with dh_installtex ...

Best wishes


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