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Bug#411537: unblock request for dvidvi


Please unblock dvidvi 1.0-8 for migration to etch. I'm the maintainer
of the package.

The whole background is in bug#411537. We realised that both
texlive-bin and dvdvi (source packages) shipped /usr/bin/dvidvi in one
of their binary packages texlive-extra-utils and dvidvi,
respectively. At this point I realised that dvidvi depends on tetex,
which kept it from being coinstalled with texlive, and that dependency
was completely unnecessary.

The short-term solution we (I and the Debian TeX maintainers) have
agreed upon for etch timeframe is:

 - make dvidvi coinstallable with texlive

 - remove /usr/bin/dvidvi from texlive-extra-utils; the Debian TeX
   maintainers will make their own upload and unblock request for

We'll do something better for lenny: merge the two forks (already in
experimental), ship it as part of texlive-extra-utils, push changes to
the only active upstream. But we judged that starting merging two
forks is not fitting at this point in the etch release cycle.


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