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Re: Frank stop ... there is something fishy ...

Hi Frank!

On Son, 21 Jan 2007, Frank Küster wrote:
> > My answer to this mail has not yet arrived, but here's the good news:  I
> > have corrected the tpm2007.data.sarge, and was able to generate an
> > orig.tar.gz and deb-source of texlive-bin.  Currently the package is
> > building... 

Good to hear that it is working ...

> ... or rather not, but it's not a Perl problem, uff:
> dpatch  apply-all  
> applying patch 10_mktexlsr_fixes to ./ ... failed.
> something which isn't too unexpected.

Well, nobody expected it to work. Take a look at the tpm2deb.cfg file, I
started to work through it, but finished at some place
or something ;-)

There will be quite a lot of things to be changed.

Best wishes


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