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Re: lenny release goals and the tetex->texlive transition

Hi all!

It is getting a long list of people, sorry for this...

To start with: The question was: Should the package texlive be used int
dependencies or not? Good question.

On Mit, 03 Jan 2007, ralph.amissah@gmail.com wrote:
> I had problems with tetex|texlive dependencies, and decided (for now) to
> concentrate on texlive.
> The current depends string is the following:
> Depends: sisu, texlive-latex-base, texlive-fonts-recommended,
> texlive-latex-recommended, texlive-latex-extra, texlive-pdfetex

(Side remark for Ralph: texlive-latex-base depends on texlive-pdfetex,
so you can (and should) drop the texlive-pdfetex as it might vanish

Prior remarks were generally against using "texlive" metapackage in
Depends. Now...

On Don, 14 Dez 2006, Frank Küster wrote:
> - whether everything in tetex-base + tetex-bin is included in the
>   texlive metapackage.  I can imagine that some style has been installed
>   in -base, but is in tl-latex-extra.  If we find this, we should try to
>   get an idea whether any build-depending package might use this.

On Don, 14 Dez 2006, Kevin B. McCarty wrote:
> To specifically answer the first question above, tetex-base includes
> five files that are installed to texlive-latex-extra, only one of which
> is a style file.  Those are:
> u/s/t-t/fonts/source/public/esint/bigint.mf
> u/s/t-t/fonts/source/public/esint/esint10.mf
> u/s/t-t/fonts/source/public/esint/mathint.mf
> u/s/t-t/makeindex/nomencl.ist
> u/s/t-t/tex/generic/localloc/localloc.sty
> (u = /usr, s = share, t-t = texmf-tetex)

On Don, 14 Dez 2006, Frank Küster wrote:
> Many thanks.  nomencl.ist is not a problem, since it's only used with
> nomencl.sty, which is in tetex-extra.  localloc.sty looks like a "how
> LaTeX3 should do it" thing, I don't think anything uses it.
> The fonts are also only used with esint.sty/uesint.fd, which are in
> tetex-extra (unless, of course, someone does it by hand.  But I pay a
> box of champagne, real champagne, if any Debian package that
> Build-Depends on us does that).
> Fine - this means that we can create a metapackage tetex-bin which
> Depends: texlive (or the individual texlive components, we don't need
> ConTeXt, probably), and even use that for Build-Depends.

In the light of this, do we still uphold the statement that
	The texlive metapackage should not be used in package
	relation specifications?

Best wishes


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