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Re: NOT YET: Please unblock texlive-bin

Hi all!

On Son, 31 Dez 2006, Hilmar Preuße wrote:
> > However, I noticed that texlive-bin has two bugs open with patches,
> > one of them important, the other probably also for users in the
> > half-our-timezones:
> > 
> > #402925: upgrading tetex creates ls-R in user homedir if sudo is used
> > 
> Known (and fixed) bug in teTeX IIRC. Patch could be copied from there.

Done. I just applied the patch in the bug report, test are coming soon.

> > #403267: tetex-bin: dvipdfm crash in some timezones
> > 
> > I think we should try to fix these, too, before we ask for
> > unblocking.
> > 
> #291438. We got a fix suggestion, but Mark refused to apply it. What
> to do now? Apply it or release TL including the bug?

I want to leave this open for now. I think it is a bad idea to introduce
something invasive for etch. But lets wait for Mark's answer.

Best wishes


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