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Bug#402994: use new libpaper hook to track system paper size

Frank Küster wrote:

>> The current limitation is pdftex, which can have it's default papersize
>> changed only by changing pdftexconfig.tex and redumping all formats. The
>> different pdftexconfig.tex files needed for a4 and letter are hardcoded
>> into texconfig.
> What's the problem?  This is the relevant part from texconfig:

Good question. I remembered a more complicated setup. Given this code,
it would indeed be simple to add further paper sizes. Whether it is
worth the effort is another question. How many people use something
different from a4 or letter as default paper?

> Why can't we just add settings for other papersizes here (or let it read
> them from a separate file)?

If one adds more paper sizes, I would do it here and feed the patches

>> How about having the original files in TEXMFDIST and change texconfig
>> such, that it writes the new files to TEXMF(SYS)VAR? That way the user
>> will not have to deal with the files. But if needed, these files can be
>> overruled by a file in TEXMF(SYS)CONFIG. One problem that I see right
>> now is what texconfig(-sys) should do when such a file exists in
>> TEXMF(SYS)CONFIG. Tricky ...
> Hm.  Doesn't look very elegant to me.  

No, it's not. I will look at the code used in texconfig and see if
something pops up.

>> dvipdfm allready links against libpaper. 
> Err, right.  We probably should disable "texconfig dvidpdfm paper",
> then. 


>> For dvips I currently see no
>> possibility to have one configuration file specify another one, that
>> should also be read.
> Will it read multiple config files, e.g. in TEXMFSYSVAR and

I don't now, but I would be surprised if it does.


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