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Re: intent to do a poppler transition

> However, they are aware at least that other projects are interested in
> using poppler proper, and I think I told them we are already using it.
> We even talked about the possibility to provide a backend-free version
> with a clean API.  AFAIR, the only reason for not providing it was that
> nobody had time to do it.

I don't have an idea how this API should like, but I would be happy to
join such project.  (Better to help then deal with ABI breakages in

> It's completely inacceptable for pdftex to acquire a dependency on gtk
> or qt.

It's just glib and not gtk, but I see your point.

> If using plain libpoppler turns out to be impossible, we'd
> rather switch back to using our embedded xpdf copy and have 10 security
> releases during each release cycle.

I can always switch to debian SONAMEs if there is a need to, but simple
library with clearly define API and no ABI breakages would be much

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