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Bug#358503: tetex-bin: latex linked to pdfetex and abstracts heading screwed up

Srikanth Agaram <sagaram@ics.uci.edu> wrote:

Hi Srikanth,

This request was sent to you by Frank on 23th of March, but not
answered until now. Does the problem persist? If yes: are you still
interested in sending us debug data?


> I have attached the test tex file and pdf output of pdflatex. The
> problem does not appear in the dvi output of latex. What could be
> the problem?
This is really strange - the fonts are also messed up; something on your
system is, well, strange.  For a start, please send us the log file of
running pdflatex over that file.  Oh no, first add this line


as the very first line to the file, run pdflatex again, and then send
the log file.  

sigmentation fault

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