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Magic Headers in a2ping and other perl scripts

Dear Peter,

recently we had a discussion on the maintainers list of Debian-TeX.
Your perl scripts (like a2ping) contain a header to make them
executable even on strangly configured systems. The QA-tool of Debian
complains about that header. We filed a bug against it (#344269), but
the final result was, that it is a bug in a perl script (contained in
a Debian package), if it contains that magic header instead of a
normal #!/usr/bin/perl.
On your home page I found magicc.pl, which was made to add the magic
header to a perl script. Now we're looking for the reverse tool:
simply replacing the magic header by #!, seemed not to work.
Please be so kind and provide one. We intend keep the perl script in
the .orig.tar.gz as it is and "fix" the perl script during build.

Kind Regards,

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