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Re: RFS: urw-garamond -- scalable PostScript font from the Garamond family

Florent Rougon <f.rougon@free.fr> writes:


> Not in non-free, not on mentors.debian.net, nowhere. Basically, IIRC,
> the license requires prominent notice in every file when changes are
> made to the fonts[1] stating at least the date and author of the
> changes. This clause of the license was not respected in the last
> package I reviewed. This must be fixed upstream. Upstream is alive,
> Debian-aware and friendly (hi, Ralf!)[2], so this should be doable.
>   [1] Well, the license was not developed with fonts in mind, as it
>       seems...
>   [2] Walter Schmidt's cooperation is also probably needed for a new
>       release, but I don't think it's a problem either.

I contacted Walter Schmidt and Ralf Stubner about the problem on June,
12th. And they told me they would fix the problem. A second mail on
July, 13th remained unreplied. As far as I can see the files on CTAN are
untouched up to now.

As soon as this is fixed the package can go into non-free.

It is a pity, but I agree with Florent that the package (and the font on
CTAN) is undistributable in its current shape.



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