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Bug#376050: please do not claim to "Manage permissions with debconf"

On Son, 02 Jul 2006, Frank Küster wrote:
> ,---- tetex-bin/changelog_3.0-17
> |   * Add support for nonexitant TEXMFVAR to texk/kpathsea/mktexnam 
> |     (approved upstream). First step for a new font caching. [ralf]
> `----
> This means that we can apply the patch to tex-common, and tetex-bin will
> continue to work.  texlive does not yet have it, and unfortunately I
> don't know how to recreate the texlive source packages from the svn
> repository.  But we could just apply a patch to the downloaded source
> package, or maybe I can try it out and it isn't so hard...

I think I have already checked in the stuff from Ralfs patch, but I am
not sure (no sources at hand) whether it is in the -2, but I think not.

I think it is not urgent to upload ne wtexlive binararies with this
patch as it fails only in som estrange circumstances. Next upload will
fix it automatically.

Or did I miss something? (Sorry I was completely offline for one week,
for the next 2 weeks it should be slightly better).

Best wishes


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