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Bug#376050: please do not claim to "Manage permissions with debconf"

Frank Küster wrote:
> I see your point.  Is there a generally accepted term that should be
> used instead?  "Managed by the postinst script" is too technical,
> "managed by the package configuration mechanism" sounds too vague to
> me.  

I'd probably say managed automatically or something, however I have not
taken the time to understand what the management actually does.

> > Also, the "if you accept" / "if you do not accept" is some of the more
> > clumsy English I have seen outside of 419 scams. Accept what?
> Hm, that comes from the desire to phrase it in a way that will be
> understandable in different frontends, in the readline where you have to
> type "yes" as well as in the X-based ones where you simply click a
> checkbox.  The intended meaning is "if you choose to let the postinst
> script handle things"; what wording do you suggest?

The wording you just used in quotes seems much better.

see shy jo

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