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Re: [tex-live] Proposal for collection reorganization

Frank � wrote:
Staszek Wawrykiewicz <staw@gust.org.pl> wrote:

Hans, we discussed that 2 (or 3) years ago
("can we separate supp-miss.tex and supp-pdf.tex from the whole
context package, so latex (and even plain pdftex) users could use that
without installing the whole context?"). The answer was "no" and I undestand your arguments. As those files should go into _the same_
tex/context/base/ directory along with other context files, we cannot
make separate package for them, as it would break the whole concept
of packaging.
indeed, i'm not going to put generic context files under tex/generic; too much work for me, and of no use either; it would also make my own source tree hard to maintain

I don't understand that.  Why shouldn't it be possible to have two or
more tpm files put ordinary files into the same directory in a TEXMF
tree, and remove only their "own" files when they are removed?  Maybe
I'm missing something specific to TeXLive, but generally I would say
that this is exactly the point of "packaging".  At least if this is more
than just zip'ing up things, and keeps a list of installed files around
or in the installation program.

indeed, the only trickery is to make sure that when users have installed context and want to de-install latex, that the supp- files stay there, but i happily leave that to the packagers; i assume that tex is not the only package where files are shared
So we are at the same point for TL and other distribution,

Linux distributions surely do *not* have that problem; we can just move
supp-*.tex to a different deb/rpm than the other context files.
the files probably could be put in (say) tex/plain/generic/context or so, if one can assure that context (when used) does not see them first (which i would expect from alphabetic ordering) but that too much depends on the way the file system is written; if the texmf.cnf file is ok, then context will search its own directories first, so that's no problem either, apart from more tricky updating and so; Hans
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