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Bug#363061: tetex-extra: palatcm.sty is non-free

On Fri, Apr 14, 2006 at 15:14 +0200, Frank Küster wrote:
> ,----
> | %%% Copyright (C) 1994 Aloysius G. Helminck. All rights reserved. 
> | %%% Permission is granted to to customize the declarations in this 
> | %%% file to serve the needs of your installation. However, no permission
> | %%% is granted to distribute a modified version of this file under 
> | %%% its original name. 
> `----
> But it doesn't even allow use - don't know whether this is implicitly
> granted? 

I would vote for implicitly granted usage rights, but IANAL.
> The fd files in the same directory don't have any copyright or license
> statement at all; don't know whether they need one. 
> And I don't know whether this package is still useful today at all...

I don't think so. There are better ways to get math for palatino. T1
encoding is not supported. I guess these files are only in there for
compatibility with (really) old documents. 

BTW, the way these files are arranged in different directories is really

STY and FD in TEXMF/tex/latex/palatcm
TFM and VF in TEXMF/fonts/{tfm,vf}/adobe/mathppl/

However, in TEXMF/tex/latex/mathpple (note the 'e'), there are old FD
files for getting Helvetica scaled to 95%, while mathpple.sty is an
obsolete styfile from PSNFSS located in TEXMF/tex/latex/psnfss. I don't
claim to understand this mess.



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