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Re: Regression testing of tetex

On Mon, 13 Mär 2006, Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> > > \pdfinfo{/CreationDate (2004-06-13)} % an arbitrary date
> > > \year=1980 \month=9 \day=9 \time=10
> > > \pdfcompresslevel0
> > 
> > diff'able is what I really meant.
> This is a great news; it allows for some workable 'there should be a
> change only when something should be changed' kind of workflow.
> Certainly, some sustainable way of scripting the test is really
> required.

I really would also enjoy a automated test-set of TeX documents,
preferable independent from tetex and texlive, just a set of documents
which are present, and versions of the dvi/pdf files as processed by the
current tetex/texlive packages. and some automatic testing what changes
when I install a new version.

Wow, that would be something, but unfortunately I don't have the time

Best wishes


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