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Bug#354401: Error "chown: `root:UNKNOWN': invalid group" when setting up tex-common

This one time, at band camp, Norbert Preining said:
> Hi Vincent!
> On Son, 26 Feb 2006, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> > Adjusting permissions of TeX font cache... chown: `root:UNKNOWN': invalid group
> >   tex-common/groupname: UNKNOWN
> This is strange, how did the UNKNOWN came into the tex-common/groupname?
> Did you enter it? The default for groupname is users, but when you
> select to manage the TeX font cache with debconf, you should have
> entered a valid groupname.

That looks like an untrapped error from debconf, off-hand.  debconf will
return strings like "UNKNOWN THIS OR THAT" on error, and it looks like
it was truncated to just UNKNOWN.

Just a guess, and hope that helps.
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