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Re: Bug#352072: [SPAM?]: Bug#352072: tetex-base: Please include babelbib


Norbert Preining <preining@logic.at> wrote:

> There is nothing which prevents me/whoever from just building the whole
> stuff for sarge, BUT: since so many packages have been sliced out, this
> would also mean the necessity to backport:
> - lmodern
> - cmsuper
> - etc etc etc
> (don't want to think about it).

FWIW, the only thing necessary to have sid's lmodern run on sarge is
tex-common, if I am not mistaken. And of course, backporting TeX Live
implies backporting tex-common.

However, I'm not implying there isn't enough work to keep you busy with
TeX Live in unstable "only". :-)


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