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Re: Bug#352630: texinfo: kpsewhich cannot open shared object libkapthsea.so.4

Norbert Preining <preining@logic.at> wrote:

> So my questions: Is the above interpretation correct, 

AFAICS it is correct, but there's one more twist:  What really causes
the problem is that libkpathsea4 is not yet configured, i.e. ldconfig
has not been called.

> and do you have
> any suggestions different from the one I made to fix this problem?

You could also do a check like this:

if [ ldconfig -p | grep -q libkpathsea.so.4 ]; then
  # libkpathsea is usable.

But checking the exit code of "kpsewhich 2>/dev/null" is equivalent and
probably easier to understand in case somebody else has to read the

Regards, Frank
Frank Küster
Single Molecule Spectroscopy, Protein Folding @ Inst. f. Biochemie, Univ. Zürich
Debian Developer (teTeX)

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