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[Fwd: Old ConTeXt with new LModern fonts]

Hi Hans,

I had sent the attached message to the ConTeXt mailing list some time
ago. Not being subscribed to that list, it didn't get through, though.
Since you are probably one of the few who could help us here, I am
forwarding it to you directly. Any hints for the situation described?

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Hi everybody,

the teTeX 3.0 packages in the Debian GNU/Linux distribution contain
ConTeXt version 2005.01.31. This ConTeXt release works well with the
LModern fonts version 0.92, which is included in teTeX 3.0. We now would
like to update the LModern fonts in Debian to the current version
0.99.3. However, AFAICT ConTeXt version 2005.01.31 does not work with
this LModern version, since it expects TFM files named cork-lmr10.tfm,
but recent LModern uses ec-lmr10.tfm etc.

Is there a way to make this old ConTeXt work with LM v0.99.3? We were
thinking about adding symbolic links cork-lmr10.tfm -> ec-lmr10.tfm or
adding the old TFM files to the installation. Not being ConTeXt users
ourselfs, we don't know if this would break anything else in ConTeXt.

Any suggestions how to handle this situation? Thanks.

Note that we generally do not update parts of the TEXMF tree released by
Thomas Esser (the LM fonts are in a separate package). In the case of
ConTeXt this would be especially difficult for us, since none of us uses
it. Hence we have no experience with testing such an update.


PS: Please CC me and/or the Debian-teTeX-maintainer list in your reply,
since I am not subscribed to this list. Thanks.

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