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Re: debhelper script for maps, languages, formats

On Son, 29 Jan 2006, Danai SAE-HAN wrote:
> > I wrote it already that the flavors now have a type prefix, so we can
> > later add other flavors. But this is also in the man page generated from
> > the perl file.
> Aaaaah...  I must've misread it then.
> Reading a Perl script through a pager was never one of my strong
> points. ;D

pod2man dh_installtex > installtex.1
man ./installtex.1

>   dh_installtex -platex-cjk-thai --flavor=map:config_for_all_maps map=Map,garuda.map,norasi.map
>   dh_installtex -platex-cjk-chinese language=pinyin,pyhyph.tex
> and it works flawlessly!  Nice job.


Best wishes


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