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Re: debhelper script for maps, languages, formats

Hi Danai!

I know, you were my prime target for this script ;-)

On Die, 17 Jan 2006, Danai SAE-HAN wrote:
> > Since we oblige the developers to create these strange comments and list
> > files, we have written a dh_installtexfonts. Yesterday on the train I
> > started a script called
> > 	dh_installtex
> > which can be used to install maps, formats, and languages.
> Hallellujah!
> But can maps still be installed with dh_installtexfonts?
> Because dh_installtexfonts also creates the necessary .config file for
> dvips when a .map is installed.

dh_installtex --flavor=map:flavor_of_the_day ...

So the falvors are the same, only the prefix map: is added, so taht we
can add other flavors for other parts, too.

I do NOT know wether it works properly now, I have made only basic
tests, but if you can continue/do some tests it would be great. Do you
have teh svn repository checked out, or should I send you the files?

Best wishes


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