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Re: pdflatex: strange error when including png images

On 14.09.05 Uwe Steinmann (uwe@steinmann.cx) wrote:


> I do get a strange error message when I run pdflatex and it
> includes certain png images.
> <use mmc-appl-literaturdb-gray.png>
> <mmc-appl-mmc-gray.png, id=2162, 715.3918pt x 529.4563pt>
> <use mmc-appl-mmc-gray.png>
> <mmc-appl-slides-gray.png, id=2163, 715.3918pt x 529.4563pt>
> <use mmc-appl-slides-gray.png> [33 <./mmc-admin-edit.png>pdflatex:
> xfopen.c:43: xfclose: Assertion `f' failed.
#327082 ? Which arch do you use?

> Abgebrochen
Please be so kind to delocalize that.

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