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Bug#170773: (fwd) [max-appolo@mail.ru: CWEB Emacs mode]

> > That file exists in the tetex-src area and it could be installed
> > from there. I'll pass this to Olaf Weber (web2c maintainer).
> Thanks.

We have agreed that I just copy that file into my texmf tree.

> > While there are a few emacs lisp files that are distributed in
> > teTeX, I don't think that my distribution is the right place to
> > distribute this new file.
> So, actually you're distributing them. Do you plan to remove them
> from teTeX? In this case we'd just pass that request to our Emacs
> team I guess.

I just plan not to add the new file to the source tree. The existing
files which are part of the original distribution can stay.


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