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Re: Question concerning the TeX-policy


Norbert Preining <preining@logic.at> wrote:

> What is the rational behind putting all the .map files into
> /etc/texmf/map/... as they are static and will not be changed. Only
> their inclusion into the the generated map file is configurable.

Users may want to customize map files, for instance to enable/disable
embedding or subsetting for a particular font. Therefore, they are
configuration files and should be placed under /etc.

It is true that they are rarely changed and IIRC, Frank put them outside
of /etc in teTeX 2 because he didn't consider them as real configuration
files. However, it doesn't look more difficult to treat them as
conffiles, and allows more flexibility for our users, therefore I think
it is a bit better. [customizing with $LOCALTEXMF is always possible but
less practical than with conffiles, since there is no automatic way to
be notified when files you have customized are updated in $TEXMFMAIN]

> Another question: The policy states (4.1.1):
>  ... and have them registered by putting a configuration file with
> extension .cfg into /etc/texmf/updmap.d/ and calling update-updmap
> --quiet ...

Warning: the TeX Policy is still a work in progress (it was targeted for
post-sarge at first) and I still have to write the part about font
packaging if Frank did not already do it. What I guarantee is
up-to-date: update-updmap(8) (in experimental, of course) and my lmodern
package for tetex 3 at:

  deb http://people.debian.org/~frn/teTeX-3.0 sid/binary-all/
  deb-src http://people.debian.org/~frn/teTeX-3.0 sid/source/

I didn't upload it into experimental because I haven't taken care of the
transition from the package in sid to this one yet (the one in sid is
more complex because update-updmap is less smart there), but it should
be a good template for a font packages.

> I don't see any of these .cfg files in tetex-base and tetex-bin from
> experimental. Are tehy all *generated* by the postinst scripts, and if
> yes, why?

Well, either tetex-base or tetex-bin ships 00updmap.cfg. True, it is not
in the .deb, but is probably managed by ucf (homework for you: check all
this), which would make it behave more or less as a conffile. OTOH,
/etc/texmf/updmap.d/05tetex-extra.cfg is a conffile shipped in

> How do these .cfg files look like? dvips .cfg +foo.map or so?

This is documented in update-updmap(8). 05tetex-extra.cfg and
10lmodern.cfg are examples.


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