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Re: updmap not run on installation?


Carlos Davila <cedavila@comcast.net> wrote:

> I had the same problem on sarge...and same fix: running updmap after all 
> tetex-related installations. Perhaps the order in which the tetex packages 
> are installed is important? 

I think so. Maybe I am overlooking something obvious, but I have the
impression that updmap is not run when tetex-base is upgraded (I
understand this is so because tetex-base can be installed without
tetex-bin being around). I think this is a problem, because "source" map
files such as /usr/share/texmf/dvips/misc/marvosym.map can change during
a tetex-base upgrade, causing "final" map files such as
/var/lib/texmf/dvips/config/psfonts.map to be out of sync until updmap
is run.

That could explain a non-functional installation of teTeX after a
successful upgrade of tetex-base, which may well be what the OP,
Christophe TROESTLER, reported in:


IMHO, tetex-base.postinst should check whether update-updmap and updmap
are executable (and therefore, exist in the first place) and run them if
this is the case. Errors should cause the script to fail. As usual, I'd
suggest running update-updmap before mktexlsr (which is already called
in tetex-base.postinst) and updmap after it.

Note: the problem is never encoutered on initial installation because
      tetex-bin depends on tetex-base.


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