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Bug#302827: tetex-bin: fails to install on several architectures

On 06.04.05 Steve Langasek (vorlon@debian.org) wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 06, 2005 at 01:33:19PM -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:

Hi Steve,

> > Yeah, the architectures that failed to build pdns previously have
> > all successfully built the subsequent version of it.  I suspect
> > this isn't a tetex-bin bug at all, so am downgrading it.
> > One of the more suspicious lines in the log of the build failures is
> > Error: `etex -ini  -jobname=jadetex -progname=jadetex &latex jadetex.ini' failed
> > 
> > This happens during the setup of tetex-bin, *before* jadetex has
> > been configured; so I think this is actually a bug, probably
> > historic, in jadetex, which seems to have left config files
> > around incorrectly on purge.
> > Reassigning to jadetex accordingly for further investigation;
> > hopefully this is a known bug in previous versions of jadetex
> > that have since been fixed.
> ... nope, guessed wrong here.  Reassigning back to tetex-bin.
> This bug has been fixed in tetex-bin 2.0.2-28:
> tetex-bin (2.0.2-28) unstable; urgency=low
>   * The maintainer scripts now will again fail if the format or map file
>     generation fails.  This has been turned into a debconf note in version
>     2.0.2-19 as an emergency action, and must be dropped now the packages
>     proved to be stable.
>     This might reveal some bugs that had been hidden so far, and might
>     help debug #302827. [frank]
>   * In postinst, fix language.dat if it points to an old french
>     hyphenation file that we no longer ship, and which only loaded the new
>     one even in woody, thanks to Sven Koch <haegar@sdinet.de> (closes:
>     #302286) [frank]
So, why do you think that bug has been fixed in 2.0.2-28? I see only
an entry, that -28 has built in some debug code. Do you think the
misuse of debconf causes the failure? I'm just asking, cause I've
read in the log

Error: `etex -ini  -jobname=jadetex -progname=jadetex &latex
jadetex.ini' failed

which should be the real cause of the problem and should be fixed if
this has not been done yet.

sigmentation fault

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