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Bug#303091: fancybox is non-free

Package: tetex-extra
Version: 2.0.2c-7
Severity: serious

>From the file /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/misc/fancybox.sty in tetex-extra:
> %%   Copying of part or all of this file is allowed under the following
> %%   conditions only:
> %%   (1) You may freely distribute unchanged copies of the file. Please
> %%       include the documentation when you do so.
> %%   (2) You may modify a renamed copy of the file, but only for personal
> %%       use or use within an organization.
> %%   (3) You may copy fragments from the file, for personal use or for
> %%       distribution, as long as credit is given where credit is due.
> %%
> %%   You are NOT ALLOWED to take money for the distribution or use of
> %%   this file or modified versions or fragments thereof, except for
> %%   a nominal charge for copying etc.

This license is non-free; it prohibits charging for distribution,
requires renaming for modification, and restricts the use and
distribution of modified versions.

This license also makes the relatively common mistake of believing it
can impose restrictions (such as renaming) in the case of personal use;
while unenforceable, such attempted restrictions are non-free.

The authors should be contacted and asked to relicense fancybox under
the current version of the LPPL (or another Free license).  If they do
not wish to relicense fancybox, or they cannot be contacted, fancybox
must be removed from Debian main.

- Josh Triplett

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