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bug in the NimbusMonL fonts?

Dear Masayuki Hatta,

a while ago we (the debian-tetex team) got #293179. I could reproduce
the bug and described it, but I didn't really find the reason, why it
I've had a private discussion, with TE, Frank Küster and the
submitter. After that we came to the conclusion, that the bug occurs,
if the font is not embedded into the Postscript file by dvips, but
rather loaded from external by the PS viewer. In this case these
fonts are NimbusMonL-Regu, NimbusMonL-ReguObli, NimbusMonL-Bold,
NimbusMonL-BoldObli. According to
/usr/share/gs-gpl/8.01/lib/Fontmap.GS these fonts are loaded from
n022003l.pfb, n022004l.pfb, n022023l.pfb and n022024l.pfb. Loading
the font files using fontforge one can see, that in the Regular font
the quoteleft char (0x60) is a little bit differently designed than
in the case of Bold, Bold Oblique and Oblique. Hence I conclude that
this is not a bug in the renderer in teTeX but rather a bug in the
fonts used by gs.
Before I simply reassing that bug to your package I just wanted to
hear your opinion about that.

Kind Regards,

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