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Bug#273596: rubitex script uses hardcoded path for tempfiles

Hi Frank,

"fant" == Frank Küster writes:

 fant> Dear Werner, dear Vladimir, Thomas Esser and we, the Debian
 fant> teTeX package maintainers, have found that your rubibtex script
 fant> (part of the t2 package) uses a hardcoded path for temporary
 fant> files:

 fant> #!/bin/sh

 fant> TEMP=/tmp

 fant> Sometimes it is necessary that local administrators or users
 fant> set up a different directory for temporary files. This is
 fant> usually done by setting the variable TMPDIR to the location
 fant> where the files should be put, but this is made impossible with
 fant> rubibtex.

 fant> It would be great if you could change this. A simple, portable
 fant> solution would be to use parameter substitution to assign a
 fant> default value, as e.g. in teTeX's texconfig script:

 fant> TEMP=${TMPDIR-/tmp}

 fant> If you answer, please keep the bug number in the Cc.

Thanks, I've changed the rubibtex script as you suggested, and it
should propagate to CTAN tomorrow (if mirroring still works).


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