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Bug#225004: tetex-extra: Type1 fonts should be in a separate package

On 12.02.04 Frank Küster (frank@kuesterei.ch) wrote:
> Hilmar Preusse <hille42@web.de> schrieb:
> >> > dh_installxfonts brings in a dependency on xutils (>= 4.0.3-xx)
> >> > as described in the policy. If this is not sufficient I'd rather
> >> > swap over that bug to debhelper and update the policy too.
> >> 
> >> Sure, this would be better, if debhelper is updated quickly enough.
> >> 
> > Question is: Is that really necessary, i.e. should we/I file a bug
> > against debhelper/the policy? Anybody so kind to ask that question
> > first on debian-devel?
> I'd rather file it as a bug with severity minor and Cc: Branden.
Well, I'd rather first ask Branden and
debhelper <at> packages <dot> debian <dot> org AKA Joey Hess.

sigmentation fault

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