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Re: Bug#231235: arabtex font installation is broken

On 05.02.04 Florent Rougon (f.rougon@free.fr) wrote:
> Hilmar Preusse <hille42@web.de> wrote:


> > Few remarks:
> > 1. updmap calls mktexlsr if not disabled explicitely.
> I guess you mean mktexupd.
Both scripts seem to be written for the same purpose. texhash is
called at the end of updmap. This is documented in the manpage.

> There are several additional problems...
>   4. The order of calls in postinst should be:
>        update-updmap
>        mktexlsr
>        updmap
>      and not mktexlsr, update-updmap, updmap because the update-updmap
>      call might create updmap.cfg and updmap uses kpsewhich to find it
>      (setupCfgFile -> locateWeb2c -> kpsewhich).
If this is really true one should call updmap with the option
--nohash to prevent it from calling texhash twice.

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